weekend in genting

so sad!

din manage to have my retail therapy up there, cos i spent most of the time in the casino. luckily i managed to win a little! =x

bought this little crown though. *acts cute*

spent quite a lot at the arcade too. lubs time crisis! saw this young boy at the toy-grabbing machine and followed his style of grabbing the toys. look what i got from my first time at it!


caught the f1 japan grand prix live at sportsbook. was just in time; managed to get there 10 minutes before the race started. there were a few ferrari supporters. heng hamilton also got. i finally understood why people like to watch soccer matches together. it’s more fun when you get to cheer and boo with everyone else. lol.

was kinda excited about this race cos i had seen the repeat telecast of the qualifying rounds at the casino. hamilton would be first on the starting grid. but seconds after the race started, i felt abit sianz already.

his slow start plus sharp brake at the first turn not only caused him to lose his lead, but also resulted in a unfair penalty. if that’s not enough, that massa deliberately knocked him into a spin when hamilton tried to overtake him. grrrrr~ although massa got a WELL-DESERVED penalty, hamilton had to change his tyres after that, losing more time.

when i saw that hamilton was behind the leader by almost a whole minute, i gave up hoping for him to speed up. instead, i was praying for massa (or anyone else) to crash heavily and the safety car to be out. that way at least hamilton had a better chance of getting some points. sadly, nothing like that happened.

in the end, hamilton finished 12th. his 7-point lead over massa dropped to 5 points, cos massa finished 7th. haiz. there’s the china gp next sunday, and the final brazil gp 2 weeks after that. hamilton ah hamilton… :((


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