i’m sure everyone’s heard of by now, but if you haven’t, do take a look. this site offers samples from big and small brands. you get some points to redeem the samples in the beginning, and after that get more points by doing surveys or referring others. you do have to pay for the postage, so it’s not exactly free. still, i’ve gotten some samples from them and i actually do find it quite worthwhile.

1. i pay the small postage fee through ibanking at the comfort of my own home, and i get the samples delivered straight to my home. great for lazy people like me. =x

2. since i have skin problems, it’s very risky to buy the full product at retail price, only to find out it’s not suitable for my skin. fr3b samples lets me try out the products first, and if they’re good, i can get them without worries. safer eh?

3. fr3b sometimes gets samples for products not yet sold in singapore. you get to be one of the first few people to try them!

4. i travel to genting (ahem) quite frequently (ahem), and bringing these samples save me the hassle of lunging bottles and bottles of heavy makeup or cleansers or whatever. more space for shopping!

i’m sure you’ll be able to find out more uses for fr3b, so go sign up! or do me a favour pweese? n_n


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