early bdae prezzie

goodbye s500i………hello w980~!

thanks mum & dad for the phone. also thanks aunt for letting me use her line to upgrade. have been pining for w980 for……1 week already? lolx.

love the classy black clamshell design. love the external touchscreen display, yet with keylock function. love the music player. love the 8gb memory. bye bye my useless 1-hour-then-no-batt-already mp3 player.  love the landyard eyelet at the top instead. love the buttons. love the orange/white LED lights. love the built-in step counter, though god knows what use it has when the phone’s lying on the table all the time. but anyway, lubs everything…

…except the fact that it’s un-fingerprint-proof. uh huh. same as my z610i, it gets ‘dirty’ with fingerprints after awhile. so reluctant to take off the plastic sheet covering the external display. the camera doesn’t produce nice photos too, despite being 3.2 megapixel. i think my old 2 megapixel is even better. tsk.

read many reviews that it was a high-end phone, so i was rather thrilled when the price started to drop. guess what? i paid less than 200 bucks for it. okay maybe not me pay, but still..worth right?! lolx. ^^v


china grand prix qualifying rounds this afternoon. hamilton came in first for all 3 rounds, so he’s gonna be pole-sitter again. mai ya-ya-papaya liao. FOCUS~!


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