china grand prix

hamilton came in first, followed by massa, then his teammate kimi. hamilton’s lead over massa increased to 7 points, and he only needs to come in 5th or better in brazil to become the youngest driver ever to win the f1 championship. yay for hamilton! =)

nail-biting race it was this afternoon. pole-sitter hamilton led all the way and came in a whole 15 seconds faster than massa. no mistakes this time, and quite a smooth and comfortable win for him. but 50 laps into the race, heiki’s tyre burst, and he subsequently retired with a suspected gearbox problem. they commented that hamilton was using the same car. that was when i started worrying for hamilton. yes, silly me i know. luckily his was fine.

i feel massa wasn’t worthy of his 2nd place AT ALL. it was soooo obvious that kimi had slowed down to let him pass. best part is, they didn’t even bother to cover it up.

Hamilton remained unchallenged at the front with a 13-seconds lead and it was left to the Ferrari team to swap places after 49 laps when Raikkonen slowed enough to let Massa pass him on the back straight.–  channelnewsasia.

i wonder how massa feels getting runner-up not because of his own abilities, but because of his teammate’s sacrifice. booo. brazil gp qualifying starts 2 nov, and the race at 1am the next day. double booo. -_-


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