i guess i need to stop my new-found obsession for f1 and lewis hamilton. i dreamt last night (this morning) that lewis came in 5th for q3 at brazil. (@.@) scary…

*rants about work*

there’s this particular bitch woman at (company) that’s so freaking niao. first she says “please submit your work program to me.” so after i emailed her, she replied, “you are to send the work program to the rest as well. we also need official cover letters.” cannot one time say all izzit? knn want cover letter for what!? [official cover letter means i gotta type out each letter addressed to each individual and send out individually.]

not to mention the previous pre-con issue. i merely asked if 10 metres was enough. she probably didn’t know the size of the area, so she purposely make it hard for me by mentioning all the areas that she wants. die die also don’t want to answer my question. when i told her i was not familiar with the site, guess what she said? “can you get your project manager to talk to me? or someone who knows the site well? i don’t want to talk to any tom dick harry.” kns lor.

i think that company abit brainless. we’re only doing the rooftop; obviously building must be up first right? now building’s contractor not even awarded, want us to start work. how to do you tell me? levitation? zzZz.

ah wells. i shall not let work ruin my mood. 3 more days now, to the long weekend, and 7 days to 21st. when i go up genting next month, i can proudly shove my passport under the noses of those guards that so many times refused me entry into the casino. lolx.

p/s. anyone knows where i can get vcds/dvds of previous f1 seasons? or where i can watch them free online? =\


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