happy birthday

not too bad a day today.

learnt from my manager that the woman i had mentioned in my previous post got a horrible scolding at the meeting this morning. according to him, “if the owner continued his scolding for another minute or so, i think she would have cried.” felt abit bad cos it’s not very nice to get scolded in front of so many people, but then again, at least now she’s tamer and less arrogant in her emails. =\

today’s huilian’s birthday, so the office celebrated for her and for me in advance. chocolate cake! ^^

camwhored alot more but we both agree we look horrible in those. (yes i know i’m fat.) >.< anyway, happy birthday girl~!

contemplating on yet another genting trip next fri. good cos i get to wear my boots again, AND get in the casino legally. bad cos the f1 qualifying rounds clashes with soccer, and being the soccer pub sportsbook is, i most probably won’t get to watch f1 full. worst is, when i return on sunday half-dead, i have to stay up till past 3am to watch the race itself. haix.

ah wells. 2 more days to long weekend~!


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