long time no see

met up with someone whom i haven’t seen for a long long time.

had dinner with kenneth at…causeway point. (-_-) well at least we had japanese. sakae sushi. lolx. but it was fun lah. always fun to go out with him cos he’s hilarious. i’ve always managed to laugh my ass off. lols. dinner was a teeny bit bad though. we didn’t eat much but the bill came up to almost 40 bucks! madness lor. feeling guilty cos i burst his budget. =x

after that, walked back home and sat by the poolside to talk. romantic right? LOL. wrong person though. tsk. anyway, moved on to more serious topics like marriage and having children and etc. lol. stuff like that scare me. and guess what?

we kena complain leh!! fooking cb idiot. my second time kena. i have a feeling it’s the same person. knn scared noisy don’t stay 2nd floor lah! 10 plus nia complain what shit. after kn left, he called to say the security guard told him that he didn’t have to leave cos he could see we were just talking. diaox. these people got nothing better to do.

overall, i did have fun, though i’m not sure about kn. lol. (i wanna go timbre!)


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