updates rolled into one

lemme blog before i forget what happened.

28 oct – tues

i really should have taken urgent leave.

  1. my leave was rejected cos pl’s taking hers. she ended up cancelling it.
  2. silly me forgot to bring my wallet, so shopping and pubbing was cancelled! grrr~
  3. internal auditor used my computer the entire day. how nice.

ah wells. had dinner at ah ma’s place. mum bought chocolate rum cake! the choc is damn rich, though not much rum taste. opened two bottles of wine too. the 2nd bottle was so horrible, that we decided to play guessing games with it. i din drink much; poor bro. XD

29 oct – wed

sat in at the ISO opening. freaked me out cos i thought she was gonna observe or ‘interview’ us. i didn’t attend any ISO course!! lolx. luckily all went rather well, even the set of drawings which i had to prepare hastily 15 mins before she checked them.

went shopping with hl after work at bugis village. in heels. (@.@)

bought a couple of tops. pity it wasn’t the weekend and that i was in heels. i could have shopped better if not.

30 oct – thurs

boring day today. not much work for me to do.

steamboat dinner was brought forward to today, and i was initially looking forward to having fun with the colleagues. but the absence of hl and presence of helen dampened my spirits a little.

headed down to shaw towers in helen’s car. first thing i noticed upon stepping into the restaurant, was this particular waiter that looked so much like someone i know. =(

anyway, steamboat overall was good, though the spicy was reaaalllly very spicy. i love the bacon! atmosphere was nice too. laughed alot. hahx.

ahhhh~ tired and sleepy. hopefully tml passes quickly. f1 this weekend! ^^


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