sao paulo, brazil

this morning’s race was by far the most exciting race i’ve seen. (even though i haven’t seen alot!)

pole-sitter massa did a “hamilton-in-shanghai” and led the race throughout, coming home first. alonso came 13 seconds later, followed by kimi. i have to admit, it was no doubt an impressive race by massa. =\ but still, he lost the championship to hamilton by a single point.

hamilton started 4th on the grid and maintained that position before the first pit stops. after that, he stayed between 4th to 6th. he didn’t take much risks; maybe one or two?

during the last 5 laps or so, vettel came soooo close to him, threatening his much-needed 5th position. hamilton’s mistake of running wide in the second last lap saw vettel snatch 5th place from him.

i was pretty much disappointed, and panicking, as hamilton tried to regain his place. just seconds away from the flag, 4th place glock miraculously slowed down and hamilton caught up. he crossed the line 5th. that was so so so darn close!

phew~ and no, glock didn’t slow down because of hamilton. (at first i thought it was. lol.) he was the only one in the top few that didn’t change to wet tires when it started to drizzle, so he lost grip and had to slow down. i sound so 幸灾乐祸. =X

anyways, end of 2008 f1 season. yay for hamilton, the youngest world champ! 5 more months to the start of the 2009 season! 🙂


i’m pretty much ashamed to say i took urgent leave today. 2 hours of sleep was simply not enough to last the whole hectic monday. but even as i woke briefly to sms my boss, i couldn’t sleep well as my mind was on work. it didn’t help when hl smsed a number of times too.

haix. stressed stressed stressed. (rants) why is myanmar project handled by me all of a sudden? why give me all the big projects? why do they all happen together? why do they all depend on me for everything? i don likeeee!! (T_T)

nothing to look forward to in november. no public holidays, no special trips, no special occasions. nothing!



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