boss told me yesterday that my desk’s fengshui isn’t very good; apparently the previous gal had gotten into an accident before. she wants me to carry a buddha pendant in my bag always to 当刹. when i told my dad, he told me to quit. hmmmm. not that i’m freaked out, nor do i really believe it, but still, if ever anything happens to me, you’d know who to look for. lol.

gonna get my 3rd ear piercing on the left soon. 2 piercings on each side apparently means i’m lesbian, according to hl. (-_-) i certainly hope that guy who uhm-chio-ed at me won’t be there when i go back. hrmph. and mum wasn’t mad when she found out. i wonder when i can get my tattoos. 😉

rants again!

work sucks. no wait, work doesn’t suck. the client sucks. she’s super super niao and impatient, as if her work is the most important of all and everyone else is just doing HER work only. tsk. maybe it’s also my fault for letting my boss handle it even though everyone knows she will sit on it for months without doing anything. haiz.

i think RT is desperately in need of employees, which is why poor us are all working OT everyday. argh~

i wish november and december would hurry up fly past. i wants my one week break!


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