dreams…..*poof* gone.

super pissed off now at genting highlands management and the crap ‘birthday treat’ they give.

dad got this ‘birthday treat’ from them last week. they gave him a free room, two free tickets to Dreamz, and some gift worth RM20. i can heck care about the room and the gift, but i’ve been dying to watch dreamz for dunno how long. circus animals aside, they’re showing my favorite white tiger and the super princessy white lion! can you imagine how excited i was to see 2 free tickets floating in front of me?!

reading further on, apparently the free rooms are only limited to sundays – thursdays. abit lame, but that i can understand (i study tourism one hor!), even though it means i can’t enjoy the rooms without taking leave.

then came the dulan part. the dreamz tickets can only be redeemed on the day you book the rooms. which means, unless i take leave, which i don’t see why i should, i cannot see the darn show! i can use my one day’s salary, buy two back row tickets (which is what they gave free), and still have excess to eat supper! not worth right?

rooms are understandable, but show tickets? not as if the shows are packed super full every day. so unwilling to give, might as well don’t give at all lah! tsk. i’m not gonna buy the tickets cos i’m very niao and nobody wants to pei me watch unless it’s free, so…wtf lah. so near yet so far. knn genting highlands.

i think a simple birthday card or letter would make me happier than these kinda shit.


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