[maple] finally got my dragon pulse skillbook over the weekend. thanks Everlast guild for specially helping me to get that darn book. thank god for them. silly of me to think i could survive with just the warrior and myself. tsk. didn’t have any points to put into dp, so i chionged level.

yay dp! now i’m just gonna work on upgrading my cute hog into the uglier but faster monster piggy, and then it’s zakum!! 8)


realize i haven’t been listening to my westlife recently, so i popped one cd in. was suddenly reminded that i still haven’t gotten my westlife story vcd. it was released in 1999/2000, so it’s kinda hard to find in stores now. anyone who has it and willing to let go, or have seen it anywhere in sg, please please let me know. arigato!


shopping online is fun! just bought loads of stuff from fr3b‘s special private christmas sale. can’t wait for the products to arrive! 🙂


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