bad bad day~

silly me forgot to bring my phone to work. AGAIN. so inconvenient can!? >_<

bad day at work today. early in the morning, boss said she’s considering to pass ALL the projects to me cos she feels the other coordinator cannot handle both purchasing and coordination. very dumb excuse. the projects hl’s handling are all in their installation stages, of cos got purchasing to do what! next year when MY projects are in the installation stage, i will have purchasing to do as well! so how? i gotta do all my purchasing and all the coordination for all the projects? den what hl do?

the lack of a draftsperson is already causing me to do his/her work, not forgetting my accounts costing and lp’s contract work i have to learn. i’m expected to help out in SS stuff as well. am already so overworked and underpaid, and yet boss shows me her black face when i leave at 6.45pm. should i mention that i’m always the earliest at 8am? i don’t really give a damn how devoted she or anyone else is to work, but i refuse to let my life be controlled by work. period.

i think there’s a difference between being appreciated by the boss and being used by the boss as free labor. i feel cheated.


turning more and more to retail therapy. expensive price to pay for stress relief. sians. fr3b’s having their second batch of private christmas sale, with new items coming in tml! i doubt i’ll have much to buy, so if anyone wants to share with me, let me know~ i need to buy at least $50 for free registered post. some of the brands available are clinique, SKII, kawaii tokyo, dior & estee lauder. ^_^


watched the first 10+ episodes of 珠光宝气, a tvb grand production drama, currently still airing in hong kong. apparently it has 82 eps total, and a cast consisting of ada choi, maggie siu, gigi lai, linda chung and bosco wong. lots of twists and turns in the eps i’ve watched so far. looking forward to linda and bosco’s appearance. expensive to buy the whole set though. =\


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