in town with cher & ken

what was supposed to be a great friday nights out with cher and kenneth was ruined by OT. h didn’t bother asking any of us if we had appointments. she simply kept ordering us to do this and that. around 7 plus, she complained she was hungry. (-_-) nv do anything also can hungry. nice.

later, i couldn’t tahan her sarcasm, so i hinted to su that i was late for an appointment. only then did h say we could leave, and it was already almost 9pm. zzZz. even though i cabbed down to taka, i was still nearly one and a half hour late. thanks both cher & ken for waiting for me. (p/s. i have no intention of hooking both of you. OT was unintentional. lol.)

had pepper lunch. wasn’t very nice to see that they had already finished their food and were watching me eat. made me feel guilty. tsk. other than that, it was real fun with them around. both are mad. double the craziness!  ^^ totally lost my image.

wandered around after dinner. shops were closing, so we couldn’t go shopping. cher found her hp-skinning stall. apparently it costs almost 50 bucks to skin our phone (basic one). but the skins are very chio. especially the pink eeyore one! got swarovski crystals somemore. that i think would cost much more. very tempted to do the skin, but i kept reminding myself that it’s only the 5th and i’ve cabbed twice already. stop spending!!

was supposed to go pubbing, but since it was late and ken wasn’t keen, we went home instead. walked all the way from taka to dhoby ghaut, laughing all the way. really ki-siao. but loads of fun. can we watch bolt next outing? hamster ball!!

19 hours straight in heels. my poor feet. off to rest! 🙂


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