went shopping yet again. i’m now another 330 bucks poorer.

saw this loreal star magnet nail polish at watsons. found it pretty interesting, so i bought the dark grey one on impulse. after you apply a layer of the nail polish, place your nail near the magnet (given) and a star is supposed to appear.

well it did, but i kinda expected a more obvious starburst. also i think i didn’t do a good job, so only the star on my right thumb and toe appeared nice. after i applied top coat, most of the star effect unfortunately were gone. )=

actually the main purpose was to test my new dcam. lol. i got the fuji finepix z20fd in pink. very pretty! but i think i don’t quite know how to do the setup yet, so image quality doesn’t look very good. never mind; plenty of time to find out!

the guy who tested the cam for me forgot to take back his battery, so now i have one extra battery in addition to the original one. should i be nice and give it back? XD


serious now. recent bus crash in msia scared me abit, mainly because i’m going up genting again this friday. i don’t wanna die yet! *touchwood*


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