very bo liao

i is bo liao. (“,)

my 2nd batch of fr3b shopping arrived! actually it came yesterday, but bro was bathing and the poor postman had to go back. hrmph.

SKII~ i guess you have use it long term to see the effects, but i still like the feeling of using it. lols. 神奇水 leh! expensive water i call it. they gave me some samples free too. perfect for this weekend. more room for shopping!

actually i just want to test my cam again. muhahaha!

i never felt the need to upgrade my 5.1mp cam (which i never used at all) until i switched to this phone. now i wonder why hadn’t i upgraded the cam earlier? i can now take macro shots and they still look clear! cool~

i AM behaving like a suaku right? fine. =P


work sucks! lol. working directly under the director is super stressful. every big small thing also find me. >< i wants my manager back! jealous of his 2 week long vacation. blehhsss.


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