top 2 rants & satisfactions! (“,) let’s start with rants first.

One; meeting started 1.30pm yesterday. guess what time it ended? 9.30pm. yep, 8 long hours straight in the cold cold meeting room. we all discussed about our individual workloads and instead of helping us to reduce them, hel very ‘considerately’ increased them! her purpose was to make us all-rounders who can handle any job position, but she doesn’t seem to care whether or not we can take it.

so now, since she feels hl cannot handle it, hel wants me to handle all projects, flatly refusing my colleague’s suggestion to get another helper. very nice. 10 projects. T-E-N. *bangs wall* how to take leave? how to take mc? how to even leave on time?! foooook.

Two; no one dared to ask hel about claiming cab fare, and so we all assumed that since she didn’t mention anything, it means we can’t claim. which made me very pissed cos the bus stop is not only freaking far (was already tired), it’s freaking quiet and scary once after 8. besides, we already can’t claim ot, why can’t we claim a measly 15 buck cab fare? +_+

nevertheless, i am satisfied. somewhat!

One; even though i was awoken before 9 this morning by my director asking about work stuff, i was glad because i managed to answer to him and he praised me! lol. the “well done, thanks.” may be short and simple, and not the first time, but this time it gives me the reassurance that i’m on the right track. especially after the shock i received during the meeting about me handling all projects, this ‘well done’ just increased my confidence level a little. ^^

that’s also the difference between working for st and hel, despite complaints that he’s hard to work with. though it’s more stressful doing things for him cos he’s stricter, he shows appreciation when you get his work done. unlike hel. hrmmmm.

Two; since i woke up early, i got down to work cleaning up my room. now i feel satisfied when i look around. =D

well well well, if anyone’s tired about reading work complaints, so am i tired of writing them. but if i don’t get them out, i think i’ll burst! lol. fine.

looking forward to new year’s eve. mini party in the office! yours truly’s the organizer. yay! originally planned for xmas, but since alot of people will be at site, we pushed it to new year instead. i’m feeling excited just by thinking of all the food and games i’ve prepared. i stayed back until 8 plus to do one hor! events management, I LIKE! hehx.


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