merry xmas

i should never have watched twilight; now i’m hooked! darn that edward cullen. thankfully he’s only good-looking in the movie. lol! love-hate the story though. love because it’s nice and relaxing to dive into the fantasy world once in awhile. robert portrays edward as probably the most perfect partner any girl can have. but hate cos after the movie, it just reminds me how far from reality that love is.

still, so tempted to get my own set of twilight books! =(( though i suppose in time to come it’ll get chucked into the cupboard like poor harry potter. haven’t been reading for a while now. shame on me.

christmas eve! in case i’m getting drunk tml, i’ll just wish you guys merry christmas now! ^^

not in any christmas mood though. my workload increases by the day, especially now that i’m getting involved in more and more director meetings. today i finally couldn’t take it when i was asked to do some minor admin stuff. i told pl and hel i was busy with more urgent stuff. i think they looked abit shocked that i would refuse to do their work.

i wish they’d understand that working under the director as a newbie and handling big million-dollar projects is not easy at all for me. especially when i have to double up as their secretary and personal assistant, i have soo much things on my mind. they would suddenly interrupt my train of thoughts and ask me to do some wu-eh-bo-eh work. sbdl lor. and it’s not helping that we’re STILL lacking a draftsperson. having to do autocad sucks to the core. sheesh. going bonkers soon.

i must be making my work sound terrible. lols. not really; i get occasional perks though. the other day, our PE found out i was new and haven’t done any bca submissions before and he said “is this your first time doing bca? don’t worry, i will coach you.” so encouraging! even before that, he’s helped me loads of times on legal and submission issues. very nice old man. 🙂

and today, st told me during his recent trip to china, he met up with one of our suppliers and that supplier actually said he was very keen to meet up with me! probably because before st met him, i was the only one liaising with him all the while. lol. feels good when it comes to a point where people, especially from overseas, know you by name and would request to deal directly with you instead of through others.

gosh i sound so haolian. lol. but want haolian got price to pay one hor! everyday ot + no ot pay + cannot claim cabfare + pressure from bosses + pressure from yourself + must tahan colleagues who seem to pass everything to you + alot more things. not easy leh!

fine, shall stop haolian-ing. *goes to watch twilight again*


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