i is depressed.

yes. i is very depressed.

was in high spirits the whole day today cos i had planned to get my twilight books and soundtrack after work. guess what? popular was out of stock. i honestly felt like crying. i tried calling a few other branches. most were also out of stock. one said they still had some stock left, but he wasn’t sure if the system was updated, so he also can’t confirm.

damn sad. damn damn depressed. to make matters worse, i had read the plot summary and the first chapter of new moon and i so wanna know if bella became a vampire or not. it’s sooo frustrating!! am still gonna try my luck tomorrow. wish me luck!

happened to spot this dvd while searching for the soundtrack, so i bought it to cheer myself up.

at least i’ve got westlife to take me past this sad despressing disappointing night. boo.


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