to study or not to

it has come to a point where i have to switch off my phone just to get a peaceful day away from work. even the vibration irritates me. irresponsible of me i know, but i’m not the one who insisted we all take a compulsary 3-day leave. neither am i particularly pleased at being blamed for something not within my responsibility. i think i get that alot. RT seems only too eager to push the blame to anyone whenever something goes wrong, and it happens way too many times.

instances like this convince me i should just quit, find a easier job with no OT, and focus on studying, and i’m so very close to hitting that enroll button. i’ve been battling with this idea and it’s been bothering me for days. what should i do?!?!

do i have the discipline to sit down and study on my own? can i cope with no physical lecturers/tutorials? can i cope with work and studies at the same time and not go insane? can i cope monetarily? what about employment after that? i’m hoping to get answers from the related schools, but what if they don’t come back? =(

twilight saga is not helping. over-indulgence in the vampire world is making me forget about reality. sometimes i half-wished a vampire from steph’s world would drop by and make me one of them.

at least i’ll become beautiful.
at least i don’t have to work anymore.
at least i’ll have reason to migrate.
at least i’ll have more time on my hands.
at least i’ll win at audition cos i’ll be damn fast.

and a hell lot of other reasons. riiiggghhhtt. let’s see how long it takes before RT drives me mad.

last day of my 3-day leave. dreading to go back to work on monday. i’ve been avoiding their calls for days now, and i’m sure a storm’s gonna blow then. oh wells, 船到桥头自然直.

i really hope dinner can go smoothly next week. guess i kinda need a girly nights out. /loves.

(fine, ignore me then. i guess i know your answer now.)


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