sakura @ orchard

i have weird bosses.

we were supposed to have our company new year lunch today at sakura orchard shopping centre.  but the guys couldn’t make it, so only our 2 bosses and 5 of us went. we thought they were joining us, but instead they dropped us there and went off. “enjoy your lunch” was all they said. we panicked for awhile, cos we weren’t quite willing to fork out 20+ bucks for just lunch. luckily they offered to sponsor. lol.

pretty much enjoyed my appetizers. my mushroom soup, crabmeat salad, salmon sashimi, potato wedges, fresh lettuces, and black olives! yums! i couldn’t resist the tempura and chicken nuggets, despite me trying to go veg atm. but i stayed away from the roasted chicken, pork chops, siew mai, har gao and stuff, so that lessened my guilt a little.

i was starting on my second helping of salmon sashimi when i saw this HUMONGOUS commando housefly stuck inbetween 2 slices. it even wriggled its feet to show me it was alive. THAT WAS LIKE, THE MOST DISGUSTING THING I’VE EVER SEEN!!! i pushed the plate as far as i could, spat out the slice i had, and rushed to the ladies to puke, all under a minute.

when i came out, my colleagues had already notified one of the staff. he merely took the plate away. when we questioned further, he said he already told the chef to replace the dish, and “sorry for the inconvenience.”

like, wtf can?! shouldn’t you at least get your manager to apologize and maybe have a refund? got phobia liao leh!! (-_-) and when we were leaving, we noticed the dish wasn’t replaced at all.

i still feel like puking when i’m reminded of that scene. cannot imagine what i would have done if i had eaten or even put that thing in my mouth. omg gross man!! first and last time at sakura orchard. zzz.

and since we were dumped there, we dilly dallied and took 2 hours to get back to office by bus/mrt/cab.

sigh. back to work tomorrow. at least there’s still the ‘official’ new year lunch buffet on wed.


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