ah ma’s birthday dinner

my laptop’s getting slower and slower every day. i wonder when it’ll die on me. i should probably start backing up files now, but i’m too lazy. lols.

ah ma’s birthday yesterday. wanted to go tao’s restaurant, but mum complained that the portions were too small for them. it’s a SEVEN course dinner for goodness sake! instead, we went to this apparently quite famous coffeeshop around sembawang park area.

we had this 9-course dinner which started with lou yu sheng, which is like my fifth time this new year season. i only remembered to snap the cold dish and assam fish, cos after that i started wondering which of the other dishes i could eat.

in the end, i merely picked the veggies off each course. the sharks’ fin looked tempting. so were the roasted chicken and peanut butter prawns. thankfully the pork ribs didn’t look quite yummy. there were also fried rice and mushrooms+veggies, so i had those too, finishing off with fruit platter.

vegs have so little choices! i’m glad i’m not strict veg though. that would probably make people around me go mad. lols.

anyway, price and portion were reasonable. only drawback would be the amount of houseflies and accessibility. only 1 miserable bus (882 i think) goes there. :0)

after dinner, we went to the nearby jetty to have a walk. there was a surprisingly large amount of people camping or bbq-ing there. the wind was lovely, though i prefer the salty sea smell at east coast.


i realize it’s so much easier to find something veg to eat when you cook yourself. i’m probably the only one in the family who’d go through so much trouble. i’m kinda proud of myself today. cos i made veg japanese curry stew and tempura veggies. dad said they were not bad, for a first timer. if i can find more yummy veg recipes, perhaps they’ll stop complaining about me going veg.


for my dear zhu who requested this:

this is how it looks like. it still looks messy, but there’s a lot more space to move around than before. well at least, munchkins can move in. xD

i love that small emo corner where i dumped all the huge toys and big cushions. just last night, i sat there in the dark, waiting to get high from alcohol, and i fell asleep till morn. -__-”’ that’s how comfy it is. lols.

work tml; off to bed.


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