i took leave for shopping!

just kidding.

i’m surprised my leave even got approved, since it was submitted only yesterday morning. but i have a valid reason. went TTS early this morning cos dad was having a day surgery. i guess it wasn’t major, but dad honestly looked worried, so i thought i’d take a day to accompany him. mum and bro were there too.

his original 9.30am timeslot was postponed to 11 plus, and while he was in, we went shopping. lol. finally got my essential oils. bloody expensive!! got a couple of books too. i spent like, 200 bucks in 2 days. =(

received lots of smses from my boss in china, so i guess he doesn’t know i’m on leave. i’m surprised i didn’t receive anything from office. either i’ve managed to prepare everything last night, or they just didn’t want to bother me. either way, i’ve earned a very nice day away from office.

btw, dad’s fine. and, happy friday the 13th! ^^

(i wish i could apologize for that msg. i didn’t know ANYTHING, though i know it isn’t good enough reason. now that i know, i feel horrible. i wish there was something i could do to help, but it’s not my choice anymore. still, i’m sorry. that is, if you still remember who i am.)


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