probably my worst valentines.

nostalgia. yep.


today was probably my worst valentines day so far. accompanied my aunt to her church appreciation dinner @ orchid country club. reached there about 5pm, and the place was already swarming with people. at the reception, they gave out roses for gals and chocs for guys.

i love roses! ^^ we were soon seated. it was exactly like a wedding dinner. almost a hundred tables. the emcees spoke for awhile, then dinner began.

the 8 courses were mainly seafood and veggies, which suited me, since i could easily pick out the veggies only. (but so not worth the sixty bucks.) the only real meat was the herbal emperor chicken, which i only ate a tiny portion. it initially tasted weird to me, so i drowned the rest in vinegar. lol. later i confirmed with my aunt that the chicken didn’t taste bad, so i guess it’s just me then. i honestly hope i’m beginning to dislike the taste of meat. *shrugs*

but i gave in to the sharks fin. argh! =((

there were a few games and lucky draws in between the courses. the games were really lame i tell you. one of them was that each table had to select 10 items related to love and have a representative explain them on stage. but they forgot they had 90+ tables. so what resulted was a massive crowd at the bottom of the stage stairs. i was like, -__-”.

there’s another one, where 10 gals sat on stage barefooted while their shoes would be mixed up in the middle of the stage. their spouses were then blindfolded, and the gals would have to guide their other half to find their shoes and put it on for them. can anyone tell me is there any meaning to this game? sheesh.

then came the worst part after dinner. first pastor preached 20 mins, followed by 30 mins of songs, and then another pastor preached 30 mins. first 20 mins i was bored. next 30 mins i was pissed. last 30 mins, fuming.

i feel cheated, cos my aunt told me there would be no preaching. no offence to christians, but i simply hate preaching. and the more i listen about the bible, the more i feel offended because it contradicts with my belief. (i’m not gonna talk about my belief. out of bounds.) and that pastor lawrence or something, if you can believe in something as stupid as giants, why do you disregard martial arts? just because the latter isn’t in the bible? what crap!!

i felt so so uncomfortable standing there amidst all the singing, trying to resist the urge of frowning or showing my displeasure. ugh! i swear i’m not gonna attend any event related to christianity ever again. zzz.

only good thing about this dinner is that i get to dress up! i love mini skirts and boots! xD

and lastly,

happy valentines day.

happy valentines day.


hope you guys love this song as much as i do.

there’s a canto version too.



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