retail therapy again

hate it when i depend so much on retail therapy to ‘relieve stress’. went shopping at hougang mall after work with hl. bought some clothes and a wallet! we’re currently looking out for pasar malams so if anyone knows where in the east there is any, please tell me! lols. it didn’t really help that we were both in heels and dead tired from work already.

before leaving, i dabao-ed pepper lunch for dinner (i honestly didn’t know you could takeaway pepper lunch). by the time i reached home, it was almost 10.30pm. X_X

right. i have no idea what i’m typing. i guess that’s the lack-of-sleep effect. i can’t believe i stayed up till 2+am this morning just to watch something as boring as the academy awards. all because robert pattinson was presenting. tsk me.

don’t like end-of-months when i feel rich. then i’ll start to spend spend spend. can’t wait for suspect x and marley. =)


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