my date with a vampire

on MC these 2 days because of stomach flu, so i re-watched my date with a vampire, first series. when 山本一夫 wanted to turn all human beings into vampires, i was thinking, “then what do they eat if there’s no more blood left?” but if vampires really exist, and if that day were to come, i’d rather be one from stephanie’s world. at least, in her world, vampires don’t sleep. think of how much more stuff we could do at night! lol.

sprouting nonsense i am. sighz. bro managed to squeeze into NP, which made me miss school again. i kinda regret lots of stuff i didn’t do back then. like studying harder. like attending lectures and tutorials more often. and not daring to speak to the person i’m missing so much now. sighz.

everyone’s talking about the recession. economy bad, people losing jobs, more people committing suicide… even though this gloom hasn’t reached me yet, maybe i should start reassessing my values. perhaps i should start pushing work up my list of priorities.

have been drinking more and more often, and depending more and more on anarex to fall asleep. this isn’t healthy i know. i just need a spark to reignite the fire inside. where ARE you now??


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