all in 40 mins…

i blasted $700, all within an hour. well, 40 mins to be exact. sibei heartpain. and that’s with my dad topping up an additional $400. >_< yesterday i made the most impulsive decision ever in my life so far. to buy a new desktop, just because the salesperson said it was the second last piece (display set was last piece) and very worth it. haish.

went for dinner last night at ang mo kio jack’s place. i actually ordered french fries and baked salmon, which i forgot already had a potato. omg all that carbos!! by the way, their vodka lime is absolutely yummy! anyway, we went courts after that. initially got attracted to the 20″ wide screen and 3gb ram (lag-free mapling!), but when the guy said there was only one more piece left in the store, i had to have it. impulsive right?! =(

dad offered $400, which was to make up for him buying a new laptop and handphone for bro, so i only paid $700. that’s still like, 3 months of refraining from shopping? torture!! okay i know i’m very stingy. lols!

only drawback is that i have to use vista. let’s hope my maple can run, otherwise… -__-”’

UPDATE: okay i made maple run on vista (after some ‘research’), but it’s all squashed up. i guess wide screen isn’t very nice after all. besides, i totally forgot that my keyboard layout has changed completely, so i have to get used to the new layout. BUT!! the clear graphics and lag-free gaming is so cool!!!! =D

p/s. vista still sucks.


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