– untitled again –

second consecutive time this week i’ve actually cried at work. well not in the office but in the toilet, but still…it’s horrible to be feeling so fucked up. every single thing passed to me is urgent, it so happens that i’m in charge of practically everything, and boss is giving new instructions to follow all the time. i only have one pair of hands; there’s just so much i can do at a time. (don’t give me the multitask crap, it really isn’t helpful.) i think i’m making more and more mistakes at work and they’re getting more and more serious (i actually have to answer to the CEO of the other company), though i think they could have been avoided if i could do it MY way. tsk.


cabbed back home again today. taxi-uncle was pretty nice. he charged me a cheaper fare cos he realized i wasn’t going to claim from the company. probably my half-dead look freaked him out.

hopefully tomorrow’s gonna be a nice quiet day. half the company’s going to KL, and another 2 going to Myanmar. woo-hoo! peace from irritating lazy bum bosses! ^_^


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