honjin japanese restaurant

today is probably one of the very few good days at the office. for once, i actually had nothing to do! in fact, i already had alot of free time yesterday, despite the mad scramble for documents in the late evening. i did the whole humongous stack of backlog filing, cleared up the mess in my in/out trays and around my table, and cleaned up my workdesk. nice! today was even better. su and HL kept asking me to give the new girl something to do, cos she kept complaining she was bored. but i myself had nothing to do either.

and i have successfully stolen the new girl from HL to help me with my projects. i have an assistant! kewl. and i predict i’m gonna have a hell lot to do when lak comes back from Myanmar on Monday. oh the horror of progress claims! =(


went for dinner at honjin jap restaurant, at chow house along robinson road. it’s ala-carte buffet, only for dinners. was rather a last minute thingy, and i didn’t bring my cam, so no pics. can’t show how small and cute and yummilicious the food were. they have this paper steamboat, one portion is enough for 2 people. they actually put the soup and veggies and stuff in this sheet of paper, put it in a wire mesh, and have it boiling over a flame. the paper doesn’t burn nor leak. sugoi~

i especially loved the chawan mushi and shitake tempura. the ebi tempura was kinda small, but very fresh. and they didn’t have cha soba; they had the normal, buckwheat soba instead, which was kinda disappointing, even though i had 2 helpings of it. =\

they’re having another promotion next month – 2 buffet dinners for $48. anybody wanna go? lols.


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