australian grand prix

alright, back to english cos i cannot tahan spending so much time to think and type in chinese. traditional chinese somemore! ._.

missed the opening australian grand prix. well, not exactly missed, since i knew what time it was starting. i simply didn’t bother watching. results were very surprising. in a good way. hamilton came in 3rd, despite him missing the qualifying because of a gearbox problem and had to start 18th on the grid. massa retired too, for some reason. not bad for a start. should have watched it. never mind; i’ll just continue watching the malaysian grand prix next weekend. =)

almost finishing E.U. 4 more episodes! can’t wait to know the ending.

can’t wait to get the twilight dvd next week. can’t wait to go shopping. can’t wait for buffet next weekend. life would be even more perfect, 若你在我身邊。

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