yay -_-

just as my declining interest in f1 was reignited by hamilton’s 3rd place in the opening australian grand prix last week, FIA decided to conduct more re-investigations and now he and his team has been excluded from that race. jarno trulli regained his 3rd position after they withdrawn his penalty. well done FIA! the lowered budget has already messed up the whole f1 thingy; look at the shitty cars they produced this year! it looks like their investigation systems aren’t too good either. if FIA stewards happen to read this, well, YOU SUCK!!

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do you believe in the underworld?

On 15th day of 8th Moon 1976 (8th September 1976), the Jade Emperor of Heaven, issued a ‘Jade Edict’ to allow deity JiGong to take a medium’s soul by the name of ‘Yang Sheng’ of the temple ‘Sheng Xian Tang’ to visit the Underworld.

After about two years from 9th September 1976 to 30th July 1978, there were together 62 journeys made to the Underworld. Each visit was recorded immediately through ‘sand writing’ to reveal the extreme sufferings and punishments in Hell. It was then compiled into a book called ‘Journeys to the Underworld’ and this book is not a religious book in any sense. It does not belittle any religion but indeed it encourages readers to continue practising religious beliefs of their own choice.

The original version was in the Chinese language and in 1982 Mr Lee Teik Chong started to translate it into English and it was completed in May 1985 for the benefit of the English reading people. The editing was done by Mr Tang Eng Teik, lecturer at the Chinese Studies Department, University of Malaya, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

The book is published for FREE distribution and the journeys are real. It serves as a reminder to us that never to make any serious mistake in life and how to live a meaningful life. The descriptions are exactly the same as in the teachings of Tao of Heaven and with due respect to the people who had contributed to this book, I would like to include it, journey by journey in my website so that the purpose of the Jade Emperor is further disseminated through the internet for the modern world.

i don’t know about you, but it all feels very fake to me.

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i’m so glad it’s friday tomorrow. such a hectic week! so pissed off with su again. she’s a bloody director and the only HR personnel available. and yet i’m doing all her work! on top of that, she conveniently tells me, “huh what is this? i dunno what is this leh. you go find out yourself can?”  when she’s been in this industry for donkey years. oh god, someone tell me what fuck use is she of?? or promote me to take her place then.

my new assistant has just resigned. (yes, after just 2 weeks.) she claimed it was too boring. JW and HL look set to go off next. plenty of tell-tale signs. i wonder if i should just follow suit and take up either that bank or that law firm offer. hmmmm…


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