confessions of a shopaholic

and i ain’t referring to the movie. =(

met HL and JW for hightea at nihon mura dhoby (again). originally planned to eat sakae buffet, but their timings and locations are soooo restricted. wanted to take pics, but when i saw the sushi, i forgot everything. lols. had my yummy potato salad again. came across PL halfway through. she was out with her bf.

got some bad news from her though. she’s probably gonna quit as well, after that screaming session with H yesterday, which shocked all of us. i know it’s not her fault. hais. JW mentioned that she’s probably gonna go as well, if she has to handle all PL’s work. bad bad bad.

anyway, had loads of fun. these girls are freaking crazy. we all probably are. especially the laughing fits. reminded me of those me and zhu used to have in sec school. =P

went to bugis after that. actually after every shopping session, i’d tell myself not to go shopping so often since i’ll always spend so much. but every time someone asks me, i’ll agree. shyt lor. thankfully i don’t crave for expensive branded stuff.

and yes, i bought loads of stuff again today. kill me.


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