let’s talk about sex

just kidding. let’s talk about food! top 3 sinful sins!

pizza! used to love hawaiian. i could eat a whole large one on my own!

next, pasta. love both the hot creamy alfredo, and the cold refreshing mayo pasta. omg!!

and the ultimate temptation i never seem to (want to) resist, sushi!

even the rice taste yummier with wasabi. lols. maybe it’s because i love eating rice with soy sauce. unhealthy i know. BUT! sushi is healthy! yay for nihon mura and cold storage. lol.

and the reason for my random outburst? i’m in a light mood today. despite it being a normal, hectic, 12-hour workday. no idea why though.

i wonder if electric shocks can zap those fats away. cos i seem to get it all the time. there’s this weird thing going on. seems like my office has too much electricity. whenever we touch random stuff, we sometimes get this small electric jolt. small but it hurts. in some cases, especially when we touch metal objects, we can also hear a ‘psst’ sound. there was once when HL simply poked my back, and we BOTH felt the electricity. tsk. can i complain for having an unsafe working environment?

one day down, four more to go. i’m beat.


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