1 more reason to hate work

my office is officially unclean. and i’m probably the sway-est of them all.

right. my office has a filing room where, obviously, the old files are kept. it’s normally pretty humid and musty as the only window isn’t open, no aircon in there, and the door is kept locked most of the time cos there are contract files in there too. normally when i go in to read up on the contracts, i’ll simply switch on the lights and leave the door closed since i’m too lazy to use the rubber door stopper.

couple of weeks ago, i was in there as usual, when i heard this loud, deep, rhythmic breathing sound coming from behind me. initially i thought it was the aircon or ventilator etc, so i turned around and strained to determine the source. it stopped for a while, then started again, and i confirmed it came from inside the cupboard. totally freaked me out, and i opened the room door at once. i think it continued though. i told HL and JW about it and they were freaked out too.

i never went into that room again. until last week, HL was in there when she too, heard the breathing sounds. but she only heard it 3 times though. we told PL and she shared her sentiments about that room. apparently,  there was once they placed a cracked buddha statue into the room and some time later, the crack disappeared perfectly. dunno how true that was.

anyway, over the weekend, she and H went in and took pictures to show her fengshui master. there was a corner of the room which, no matter how PL tried, the camera refused to take a picture of. the button just wouldn’t be pressed. i had goosebumps when PL told me. so now i have to carry the buddha pendant wherever i go. and yes, i still have to go into the room. which sucks.

but at least we keep the door open now. and there’s more people around – we just got a new project engineer today! =) i have to agree with LP; he IS kinda cute. and much more fun than the project manager. at least he can joke and laugh.

BUT!! work still sucks. leave at 7pm, boss face still black black. sibei sian.


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