teo’s aquatic farm

headed over lim chu kang to find the infamous teo’s aquatic farm that everyone’s been talking about. it was so hard to find! nearly gave up even. but alas, we found it, with some help.

was expecting more customers but apparently, we were the only ones. they had 2 large planted tanks with discus. their stock was kept at the back instead of in glass tanks. really supplier sia. the uncle (i don’t know if he’s teo or not.) was very nice. i told him what plants i wanted and he picked them out for me, not minding that he had to walk to and fro and into the ‘ponds’. he also suggested plants for my low tech tank when the plants i thought of wasn’t suitable. in the end, he even gave me FOC two bunches of plants to ‘try’ planting.

planting took me like, 2 hours. i faced the problem of the plants not holding on to the soil. they came out so easily and messed up the waters. i also realized i bought too many plants. i still have quite a large handful of e. tenellus extra. tsk.

my e. tenellus foreground was also a bad choice. i think it was my planting skills. it looks so messy! the background was worse. >.<

i’m just praying for all of them to grow and grow out nicely. =(



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