the irony of it all

as if a new incognito blog address wasn’t enough, i had chosen this time to decomm and restart my tank. lol. cabbed down c328 yesterday to get another packet of gex soil and some equipment. cabfare was a whopping $18 by the way. madness! spent yet another almost $50. decided to DIY some co2, so i had to get tubings and a glass diffuser. also tried root monster and seachem flourish.*cross fingers* going down teo’s later today (hopefully) to get my plants. going for more low tech this time; ferns, anubias and probably mini nanas or hardy stem plants.

the changing of soil took me around 3 hours since i had to painfully scoop out the water bowl by bowl. filling the tank was slower, cos i didn’t want to disturb the substrate. tsk. also set up a mini tank, planning to keep my sakuras in there. may get bees if successful. i’m pretty skeptical though, since my first no-filter tank didn’t quite work out. sigh. wish me luck!

– – – – – – – – –

work was terrible today. HL and LP was on mc, and so i had to cover HL’s work. su isn’t of much help either. all that emailing and ordering of supplies nearly drove me crazy.

i hate to say this, but the new project engineer vict IS quite good looking. lols. he’s pretty nice and easy to work with too. =P



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