victor is cute!

him: ching 在嗎?
me: 我不知道他去哪里 leh.
him: 你不知道他去哪里啊? 可以叫他打給我嗎?
me: 你有打他的 handphone 嗎?
him: 沒有 leh.
me: 你…要不要 try 打他的 handphone?
him: er…ok looorrrrr.

and we both start giggling. =.=

pity he only comes into the office in the mornings and stays at site for the rest of the day. i probably would have enjoyed work better. i wonder if he’s single. =\

– – – – – – – – –

was supposed to meet one AF bro to pass him my e. tenellus and glass diffuser, and another bro to get the betta tank from, but both pangseh-ed me! lucky we were supposed to meet at sengkang, so i didn’t have to go all the way out for them. tsk!

bought sushi dinner again. i have no idea why i’m always craving for sushi. thankfully i hardly eat rice besides sushi. fat fat fat! looking forward to dinner this friday to celebrate PL’s birthday. buffet again! sad.

– – – – – – – – –

cher’s finally free. hope we can meet up for steamboat again. /loves.


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