happy restaurant & clarke quay

thurs was quite a nice day at work cos su’s on leave, st/hel/lak are all in malaysia. i would have been super happy if not for vict who kept asking me to order this and that. kinda sucks when i don’t know what he wants and i know he feels frustrated talking to me. tsk. i hope everything goes well throughout the weekend. *crosses fingers*

we managed to leave pretty early today. headed down to lion city hotel to celebrate PL’s birthday, which happens to be next week. =.= had buffet ala-carte. the place was pretty empty. we were the only patrons there when we reached, although later a few tables were taken up.

food was rather nice overall. only the sashimi was abit weird. they took frozen ones. not very fresh either. quite a lot of stuff to eat for semi vegs like me too. may consider for other dinners.

(thanks PL for the meal. hope you like the prezzie!)

HL asked me last night to go pubbing with her after dinner. we asked the rest and only PL wasn’t able to make it. headed down clarke quay to my fav the deck. side track abit: i miss clarke quay! but i see an increase in human traffic, which i don’t really like. thankfully we managed to get a seat. love the big big chairs that allow me to curl up and slack.

had my fav long island too. enjoyed myself even though i was pretty much dead tired. felt real nice to sit and chat with the gals. /loves. took some zilian pics too. i is getting uglier. sadded.

crazy girls. let’s have more of these outings! 🙂



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