must. stop. eating.

7.30am, breakfast – fried bee tai mak with egg and tauhu.
12.30pm, lunch – beehoon with szechuan veggie and curry potatoes.
4.15pm, tea – blackforest and strawberry shortcake, 2 slices each.
10.30pm, dinner – 12 pieces of sushi.

all those calories. ughhh!! i miss those days where self-control allowed me to have just 2 slices of bread for breakfast and veggies (with no rice at all) for lunch and dinner. luckily the shopping session at town helped burn a tiny bit calories off. and i bought a dress. again. =(

– – – – – – – – –

got a rude shock at work today. PL mentioned that su was planning to retire soon and they want me to take over her HR position. sounds crazy, but actually it doesn’t make alot of difference, since nowadays she asks me to do most of her work anyway. project co-ordination, accounts, sales, quantity surveying, drafting, and now HR! what else? (though i’m actually quite itching to take over her job so i can increase employee benefits! LOL.)

before today, i felt that, despite all negative remarks about vict from everyone, he’s actually quite fun to work with. after today, no way man. (1) site situation is no excuse. if you guys have planned to finish on monday, make sure you push everyone to complete by then. stop making me change and change the bookings. i’m the one getting all the nagging and grumbling from suppliers. (2) just because the more expensive supplier is nearer and more convenient for you, doesn’t mean you can ask me to go teh and por that supplier to reduce his price.




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