yesterday i sinned.

well not exactly, but it felt like that to me. cos i ate…MEAT!

met zhu and cher at zengfucai, shaw towers again. i took a direct bus from seranggoon and that’s gonna be the last time i take it again. after waiting for almost 25 mins for the bus, i had to squeeze with lots of PRC and bangala people. i knew it would pass by geylang but i didn’t expect it to be so crowded. didn’t help either that i was in low cut, short skirt and heels. so many things to look out for! zzZz. jouney took so long too. -_-”

anyway, finally reached and was informed that the restaurant was full. -_-” we had to wait like, 15 – 20 mins? service wasn’t very nice either.

we got the 鴛鴦 again, because zhu wanted the 麻辣. (all your fault lah! =p) i tried just one piece and bth already. it was hotter than the previous time. and this time, they only served the meat; the veggies were all placed outside for us to take ourselves. not very clean and fresh IMHO.

i didn’t really want to spend 20 bucks on veggies, and was kinda convinced that since there wasn’t much veggies, i should just eat meat then. so i did. tsk. i felt so guilty lor! =( but i enjoyed myself lar. the mushrooms were nice. we took so much! lol. i liked the potatoes and lotus too.

still, let’s find some other steamboat place shall we?

p/s. sorry sorry! i WILL remember to bring the stuffs next time! ;P

– – – – – – – – –

i thought after the extravagant dinner yesterday, i can finally go back to my veggie-eating days. guess what? i ate sotong at dinner today. argh!! ban meat!!

– – – – – – – – –

anyone wanna watch ramen girl? angels and demons? huh huh?

(sometimes i feel it’s so silly changing blog addresses simply to avoid a particular group of people. seems that at the end, they’ll find out about it anyway. sigh.)



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