michael: PL?
me: michelle.
michael: huh, PL啊?
me: no, michelle.
michael: 啊? 你是PL嗎?
me: 不是! 我是MICHELLE!


finally got myself to begin on my trip. let’s hope i can finish.

went genting again last thursday night. my dad has been there since monday, cos of his malaysian work permit. anyway, the bus drove so slow; we only reached around 5am. dad had a room, so we could go and freshen up. after that, it was the casinos! (lost RM250 in total so let’s not talk about that.)

dad had to go down to his KL head office to collect back his passport, so we went down with him. went bukit bintang, to this lot 10 mall. it’s like far east and bugis village. loads of shops but sadly, i didn’t manage to buy anything. dim sum lunch was not bad. but blardy expensive.

yes one’s missing from each cos i ate them! lols. din bother taking anymore. who never see dim sum before right? =P

after shopping and everything, we wanted to be adventurous and not take a cab directly up. so we took this cute monorail to KL sentral, walked all the way to the bus interchange, only to find out the next bus up to skyway station was 2 hours later. in the end, we took a cab up from there after all. -_-

saturday, nothing to do during the day. went casino.

boy i’m so glad i did!

cos i met karl. totally irresistable. totally adorable. so i went up and gave him a little hug! =)

i took a photo with him too.

meet karl……









………the 5-month old WHITE LION CUB~!!!
(he’s as big as an adult golden retriever but i swear he’s just a cub!)

who could resist such a wonderful chance to get up close and personal with a lion cub, all for just RM20! rare white lion somemore! it didn’t matter that i had to go up on stage and there were like, a hundred peeps down there staring. all i could see was that playful cub trying to avoid the photo session.

once he settled down beside me, i managed to give him a quick little hug. so excited can?! the other guy next to him is his trainer/handler, and also one of the lead performers of dreamz. not bad eh? ^^

right. rest of the elated feelings i shall keep to myself cos i don’t know how to put them in words. yep!

not bad. but part 1 was funnier.

went back on sunday. slacking while waiting for the bus.

and i just found out there are monkeys there!!

the end!

yay i managed to finish despite being half dead. lols. pretty much a fruitful trip this time. well worth the leave that i had to take.



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