the ramen girl

just finish watching the ramen girl, and i’m glad i didn’t spend the money to watch it at the cinema.

the movie was mainly about this american girl Abby who came to tokyo to find her boyfriend, who later dumps her (but leaves her the house). she happens to have supper at this ramen shop, realizes that ramen actually made her happier. so she decides to quit her lawfirm job and train uder the chef.

the chef starts by making her wash the dishes and clean the toilet. she wanted to quit, but didn’t in the end. along the way, she gets to know this japanese guy who speaks english, and hooks up with him.

after he was transfered out of tokyo, she concentrates on mastering her ramen. after the grand master praised her ramen, she is deemed to have succeeded, and returns to her country. a year later, we see her open a small ramen shop. the jap guy walks in, they kiss, show finished.

errrrrrr. best part about the show is probably the food. the ramen looks good!! the chef is kinda cute. his acting is not bad too. but abby was just horrible. i think she spoilt the whole show. tsk.



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