not another one…

today’s meeting, he sat beside me again. JW sat across the table again. after the meeting, she came to me and smiled, “很配. 真的很配.”

after that…

D: eh michelle, victor多高啊?
me: 不懂leh. 有比我高lor.
D: 比你高啊? 不是很配你lor?
me: 哎唷! 你又多一個!
D: 啊? 有很多個講了meh?
me: 對lor!

i do not appreciate that. thank you.

i feel like i’m back in secondary school again. all those crushes, and then you tell your friends, and then your friends tease you about it, and then you blush. just that this time it isn’t!! it’s gonna be soooo awkward if he hears and thinks that i like him for real.

and no, he 101% does NOT.



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