i think i’m a spendthrift.

it’s only the first week of june and i’ve blasted almost a hundred bucks! *gasps in horror*

met colleagues in the late morning at liang court for kbox. oh wait, it’s party world. everyone knows i don’t sing. BUT! just to give face, i tried to sing 下一個天亮. apparantly nobody could hear my voice. so overall, i wasted 20 bucks to sing one bloody song that no one heard.

on the way back to the central, we passed by jessica liu and tay ping hui filming. JW was so excited cos both are her idols.  lols.

then met cher at suntec to watch alien vs monsters. she thinks it’s stupid, but i found it pretty interesting. it’s one of those shows that you don’t really need a brain to watch. =)

was supposed to meet zhu for steamboat but she wasn’t feeling well. take care zhu! anyway, we walked around and finally settled on ichiban boshi. i forgot what the name of my set meal was, but it was yummy!

the appetizer was some kind of seaweed with chopped beancurd skin. very nice! then for main course, i had 2 mini bowls of rice – one with fried egg and unagi, the other with salmon sashimi. the unagi was eeks. but then again, i never liked unagi. =x for sides, i had tempura and chawanmushi. tempura was a little not-so-crispy-anymore, but chawanmushi is niceeee! and then there’s miso soup and fruits. all for less then 20 bucks. worth right?!

and i actually told myself not to buy treats for munchkins these couple of months when i’m gonna be broke. but yet i couldn’t resist and bought one packet for him. sheesh.

and i cabbed back again. T_T

that marks the end of my very tiring day. tired of walking to and fro. tired of having to entertain people. and it’s times like these i actually wish you were by my side.



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