i give up.

is my temper really that bad? or do people simply like pissing me off?

JQ: you need to submit the test report before i can approve.
me: what test report is that?
JQ: *sarcastic* huh?! you don’t know ah? you need to submit a test report leh.
me: dunno. i thought we already agreed on a waiver. so donid any test reports.
JQ: oh. *silence*


that, and a whole truckload of shit she’s trying to push to us, aka me, to do. and with her whole high-and-mighty attitude. i damn wish RT belonged to me. i’ll gladly give her the finger and tell her to fuck off.

(okay i think my temper IS bad, but still!)

external parties not enough, internal people also must come gek me. my mood was already pissed to the max, that bloody su still had the cheek to come chase me for workers’ OT. which is, supposedly, her bloody job.

which resulted in my face becoming probably blacker than 包公. so i dumped everything and left. (at bloody 6.45pm.)


they start calling my phone. which, i refuse to pick up. ho-ho-ho.

. . .

i think i’m gonna have some kind of depression if they don’t stop soon. i better start re-evaluating my pros and cons of staying in this company. if someday i go mad, PLEASE CLAIM MY MEDICAL EXPENSES FROM RT!!



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