tgif? ha-ha-ha.

so, michael jackson is dead. came as some sort of a shock to me i guess, since there’s a couple of his songs i really like.

2 and a half hours ago, i was still hopping mad. ever since morning. seems like i’m taking the blame for everything gone wrong. i guess it’s cooled down now.

. . .

had a lovely dinner at aquamarine, marina mandarin yesterday. courtesy of H, which i feel rather suspicious about. 无事献殷情嘛. was abit sian-ed cos the bosses would be there, but luckily they gave us a huge table, so me HL and JW could stick together.

the variety of food was rather limited, IMHO. although quality was not bad. felt really guilty for eating 2 slices of ham and a piece of chicken. lol. the herbal fish was nice; the herbs smelt sooooo goood. salad was fresh, and with yummy shredded cheese toppings. mushroom soup was rich, creamy and so….nice! they only had a few types of sushi, but they were all very fresh. i love the cha soba!

and the best of all?

you had to ‘order’ it over the counter, and they’ll slice it right in front of you. fresh and no huge houseflies in between! i had 3 helpings, even though the servings were generous. =\

their desserts came in mini portions. cute! i had this tiramisu/chocolate truffle thingy, and the chocolate was so damn rich! sinful, but bloody nice. serious. add coffee/tea to that and there’s a nice fulling buffet dinner.

it costs about $56 per person, so…yeah. =)



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