half-boiled egg, anyone?

with harry potter and the half blood prince coming out today, i felt obliged to read up and refresh my memory lest i be tempted to catch the movie. but everytime i sit down to read, i would tend to convince myself that since i’m gonna read something, might as well read twilight. right?

my deathly hallows is still unread. =x

– – – – – – – – –

this morning, vict passed me a parcel and told me to share them with the whole office. there were 2 boxes of royce chocolates inside – bitter and champagne flavored.  well, he actually promised me the chocs a couple of weeks ago but i thought he was only kidding.

anyway, office made a big fuss about it. just because i was the one he passed them to. hey nobody else was around!! it’s not that i followed him around and asked him to give me the chocs!? it’s not the first time they’re making fun of me and him but this time Hel was there! she stood around for a good 10 minutes poking fun at how the chocs were meant for me and that we made a good pair.

not that fun, really. i think it’s going overboard with the teasing. AND, i caught LM staring in our direction when i was discussing some project stuff with vic.

😦 lucky i only have 1 project with him.

nevertheless, those chocs were WONDERFUL~! heard from PL that they’re high-end, which explains why i haven’t tried them before. i prefer the bitter one. love the cocoa dusting on top, and the rich dark choc inside. oohhhh~

i’m gonna get a box of that every month. even if i have to starve for that. lols.



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