top of the world~

i’m back!

guess where??








mum got 4 free tickets to the Singapore Flyer. she didn’t want to go, so i went with bro and the 2 aunts.we alighted at city hall and wanted to take the shuttle bus there, but apparently we missed the timing, so we decided to walk there instead. bad idea, cos i was in heels. and they f***king hurt.

we walked from funan, past the field, to esplanade, and then towards the flyer. but army boys won’t let us through due to the ndp rehearsal. so we had to go through marina square to get there. by the time we reached, i was sweating like mad and on the verge of tearing.

anyway, we got on the capsule, along with 2 other groups of passengers. they were relatively quiet. i think we were the noisiest. lols. i thought my fear of heights wouldn’t be much of a problem since i’ve been on cable cars and ferry wheels, but once this capsule got higher, it kicked in and i was feeling wobbly the whole time. 😦

snapped some photos. managed to catch..

haha, ndp rehearsal. the sun soon began to set, and i caught a few night photos. pity it wasn’t late enough to catch fireworks.

the photos didn’t turn out very clear so i changed them to black and white. click view all to see them in color. =)

– – – – – – – – –

cabbed down honjin @ robinson road for jap buffet again. love the salmon and hamachi sashimi. and the miso, and the chawanmushi, and the zaru soba, and the shittake mushrooms. they kept messing up our orders though. we had sake last, and it still tastes as bad as before. smells like my diy co2. lols.

and cabbed back home. i won’t survive the mrt with these heels on!

last one before i go.



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