wordpress or blogspot??

spent the whole of yesterday and today evening trying to fix my blogspot skin. was planning to move back to blogspot since i’ve figured out how to convert wordpress exports to blogger-compatible. but i just can’t make up my mind on the theme. i guess wordpress won. hassle-free. 😦

– – – – – – – – –

i hate work.

HL and PL on mc, LM and ST in factory, so office is relatively quiet. i likes. managed to get out by 6.30pm these 2 days. which means i have alot of filing left undone. sian.

2 more weeks to august 1st. a very special day for me. it marks my one year anniversary at RT, and 2 whole months at work without taking any leaves or mc. lol. 加油加油!

he called me dear today. i wonder why he did that.



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