gloomy thursday

this morning i sat in bed debating whether to take mc or not. my cramps were almost unbearable and i don’t exactly fancy scooting to the washroom every half hour (like what happened yesterday). so i decided to take mc. i called to register at the clinic, and they said morning slot is full. my slot would be at 3.30pm. ._. if i had anything more serious than a slight fever and flu, i would have died already!

and just before that, i was debating whether or not to go back to office and settle the fucking grommets issue.

what’s your problem?! i’ve already settled everything; all that’s left is for you to agree on the freight and i can have it shipped out today. simple as that. so now YOU butt in and create this one big mess WE have to clear. shit you lah. and when things go wrong you push all the blame to me? f.u.c.k.u.

pardon my language but she’s seriously pissing me off.

[update] finally fixed up my blogspot blog. and it looks so pretty! but when i tried to view it with IE, it’s messed up. which means i have to redo the whole damn thing. 😦



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